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Travel Case 7 bags in 1

Travel Case 7 bags in 1


Travel Case 7 bags in 1 (310gr)


1. Black
2. Black Lemon
3. Dark Teal
4. Grey ( SOLD )
5. Hot Pink
6. Maroon
7. Navy
8. Navy Flamingo

9. Violet
10. Watermelon Red


Please advise which colour you want at time of ordering or we will send random colour thanks.

It can sometimes be complicated to arrange the contents of your suitcase when travelling. Sometimes you can fill the suitcase if it's not neatly stacked, and not a good use of space.


Using these bags helps easily organise your suitcase but also if your luggage is too heavy then its easy to grab one bag out to put in your hand luggage!!  

7 in 1 traveling bag in organizer bag is a travel bag with 7 different sizes, with size details as follows

- Large Bag (40 x 12 x30 cm): clothing

- Medium Bag (30 x 12x 28 cm): clothing/underwear

- Small Bag (30 x 12 x 20 cm): cosmetic place, toiletries

- Large Secret Pouch (35 x 27 cm): dirty shoes / sandals / clothes

- Medium Secret Pouch (27 x 25 cm): gadget / drug accessories / charger

- Small Secret Pouch (26 x 17 cm): place of cellphone, camera, ticket

-Shoes bag (41x21cm): place of sandals, shoes.

With a traveling bag in your bag you don't have to bother loading and unloading the suitcase to find the items you need, just take out the bag you need.

Traveling bag in organizer bag can also be used at home to help tidy up the contents of the wardrobe

The organizer is made of thick nylon material, water repellent, double zipper head, attractive design and colours.

  • Returns Policy

    No returns on shipped goods as all are quality checked before despatch. Any disputes dealt with on case by case basis

  • Shipping Info

    Can be despatched with Go-Jek or JNE or come to our store for collection. Let us know and we can advise weight and cost of shipping. thank you

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