Sugar Scrub For Face 150gr

Sugar Scrub For Face 150gr


Do you have idea about use sugar for scrub? Sugar has good moisturizing effect. We use powder sugar which gently removes your dull skin. 
Ingredient is gula merah (brown sugar from coconut tree) from Bali and combine clay it helps purify your dull skin, It can be moisturizer mask and scrub for make your skin so clean and refresh!
Also you can use for dry lips, apply a little scrub and gently massage then rinse away, you will get soften lip again!
Size : 30
/150  Item : ●seaweed( dry and rusty skin) ●lemon peelwhitening ●hibiscusastringent
no coloring, all natural color  Ingredient : brown sugar sucrose kaolin glycerin methyl paraben fragrance


    Usage Note :
    ■Do not apply when your skin has any trouble such as eczema and injury, if your skin shows any trouble during or after use, stop using the product and consult dermatology doctor, stop use the product when you feel unwell from aromatic, once open, use up the product before long
    ■Do not eat the product, do not put eyes and mouth, for face and body only, do not use the product close fire. 
    ■Store in dry and cool place, keep away of reach of children.
    ■We may change a label and package without notice

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