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Solid Perfume

Solid Perfume


Solid Perfume is perfume in cream or balm state, made by kneading fragrance with wax.
Liquid perfume is more popular these days, but solid perfume has longer history, and quite many people still prefer solid perfume.
The scent of solid perfume is milder than the liquid one, and you can use it on books, name cards, handkerchiefs and curtains besides using on your body.

 Size / Net : 10

How to Use :   Apply little amount of product onto the skin using a finger.
It can be used on hands, legs and body. You can carry the product in your bag because there is no worry of spilling.

It is recommended to apply the product on parts with high temperature, such as wrist, nape of the neck, back of ears, ankles and other places with pulse. The body temperature evaporates the perfume widely. If put on upper body, you can feel the scent spreading. If you prefer, on the other hand, fainter scent, it is good to put on lower body such as ankles, because the scent will evaporate upwards.
For refreshing yourself, apply the product on back of ears or wrists, and take deep breath.
Avoid heavy perspiration places to apply the products. It often affects the scent of perfume.
You also can enjoy the perfume by putting bed side or on dressing table as room fragrance to get relaxation.

  • Delivery Options

    Can be despatched with Go-Jek or JNE or come to our store for collection. Let us know and we can advise weight and cost of shipping. thank you

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients :

    Vaseline, Paraffin wax, Mineral Oil, Shea Butter, Butylparaben, Perfume Mineral Oil: Mineral Oil is also used for Baby Oil and Vaseline and it won’t cause allergic reaction. Shea Butter contains fat and vitamins which is necessary for skin, and high moisturizing effect.


    Cautions :
    Do not use the product when your skin has trouble such as injury and eczema, and other sensitive parts. If your skin shows any trouble such as blushing, itching, irritation, stop using the product. If your skin shows any trouble, stop using the product and consult a doctor.
    Do not apply the product on/around eyes and mouth. If the product gets into these parts, rinse away with clean water immediately.
    Store in cool and dry places avoiding direct sun light. Wax in the product will melt in high temperature
    Once open, finish up the product as soon as possible.

    Storage :
    Store in cool and dry place avoiding direct sun light

  • Returns Policy

    No returns on shipped goods as all are quality checked before despatch. Any disputes dealt with on case by case basis

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