Salt Scrub 100gr

Salt Scrub 100gr


Bamboo Charcoal: Dead cells can make the skin look tired, dull, and dry. Uncover the fresh skin that lies beneath with a natural sea salt scrub. The addition of charcoal powder provides a detoxifying benefit that removes toxins from the pores and draws out impurities. Synthetic exfoliators can harm the skin and cause irritation, but natural products beautify and soothe. Citrus oils can brighten the skin and give you a youthful glow that lasts, while lifting the spirits with an invigorating scent.
• Charcoal draws out toxins and impurities.
• Provides a youthful glow.
• All natural ingredients soothe and heal the skin.

Ocean Breeze: A mixture of natural sea salt and rice powder works to remove dead skin cells and uncover the glorious new skin below. Fresh skin shines with a youthful glow, and years of build-up can make it look dull, dry, and tired. Expensive chemical exfoliators can cause harm to the skin, but natural ingredients are soothing. The addition of essential oils such as rosemary and lavender gives this scrub extra healing power that comforts the skin and delights the senses with a long-lasting scent. • All natural healing ingredients.
• Essential oils provide a soothing and invigorating scent.
• Uncovers youthful skin that glows.

Pink Rosella: Remove dead skin cells and give your body a youthful glow with the natural cleansing power of sea salt. When your skin is dull, it not only looks tired, but blemishes become more visible. Sea salt is a natural exfoliate that refreshes and renews without the use of harsh, synthetic ingredients. Rosella is rich in natural vitamin C, and provides a natural pink colour. Rose geranium oil nourishes and brightens dull skin, leaving a long lasting scent that’s pleasing and soothing to the senses. Use weekly for skin that’s soft and sensual.
• Pleasant scent that soothes and relaxes.
• Removes dead skin cells to uncover a youthful glow.
• All natural ingredients.

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