Room Fragrance 30ml

Room Fragrance 30ml

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Flower arrangement?
No. This is room fragrance. Sticks in the bottle absorb the scent and spread it naturally in your room. Just open the lid and put attached sticks in the bottle. Suitable for entrance and rooms and especially recommended if you don’t like the smoke from incense. These sticks are made from center core of palm leaves, trimmed and dried. This part of palm leaves is also used as brooms among Balinese people, and we go with the tradition somehow. Just like wooden sticks, palm sticks bring you mild perfume in your room.

Item : Frangipani   Sakura   Tuberose   Green tea Lemongrass   Rose  Bergamot
Green leaf Cempaka(30ml)

ingredient :Ethyl alcohol Perfume

How to use : Open the lid and put attached sticks in the bottle.
Put the bottle to places you want to enjoy the fragrance such as living room, bedroom and entrance.

Caution: please use a flat and in a safe location. If the oil spills onto your table, dresser, floor or rug, you should clean it up quickly to avoid permanent stains.

Size : 30ml, 100ml, 5ml trial



    Usage Note :
    Keep away from fire
    Keep away from reach of children
    The strength of fragrance will depend on the room size
    The scent of the fragrance will slightly differ depend on temperature and humidity of circumstance

    Store in cool and dry place avoiding direct sun light

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