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Oriental Soaps 30gr

Oriental Soaps 30gr


100% pure essential oil from Indonesia demonstrates oriental atmospheres!
Enjoy your trip to the tropical country while you are in bath.
There are 2 different scents in this series

used Essential oil100% pure essential oil from Indonesia
The scent of Canaga is similar to Ylang Ylang, but milder. Gentle exotic floral scent of Cananga eases your tension and fatigue and draws your mind into deep relaxation.

citronella : Sweet scent with lemon-like freshness. This scent works as insect repellant. It may refresh your feeling, also has deodorization effect

Full-bodied attractive scent. It eases your stress, anxiety and mental fatigue.

Size :
Orange & Citronella / Cananga & Patchouli

Oriental smell
Orange & Citronella

Fresh citric scent cheers you up. It also has deodorant effect.

Cananga & Patchouli

Mild and exotic scent takes you to relaxation trip. It normalizes skin secretion; moisturizes dry skin and refreshes oily skin.

size : 30g


    Usage Note/Caution:
    For bathing only
    Can be used for face. If get into the eyes, rinse away with clean water immediately.
    If your skin shows any trouble, stop using the soap and consult a doctor.
    Store in cool and dry place
    Keep away from reach of children
    These soaps are hand-made and, it may cause slight shape difference.
    Label design may be changed

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    No returns on shipped goods as all are quality checked before despatch. Any disputes dealt with on case by case basis

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    Can be despatched with Go-Jek or JNE or come to our store for collection. Let us know and we can advise weight and cost of shipping. thank you

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