Hand Made Herbal Soaps 30gr

Hand Made Herbal Soaps 30gr


Herbs contain great power from the plant kingdom. Since ancient times, people have used herbs as medicine, spice, preservation and perfume. We made soaps with a pinch of dried organic herb powder, which is gentle to your skin as well as to your mind.
Enjoy the gift from the nature during your bath time.
Mint leaf stimulates your skin moderately
Daun sirih
Daun sirih, or piper betle leaf, has antibacterial effect.
lemongrass can help alleviate various skin issues, from large pores to fungal infections.
Hibisucus Leaf
Hibiscus leaf Effect of fatigue

MoringaMoringa will provide you vitamins and amino proteins to your skin.
 PeelStain freckles care
Bamboo charcoalBamboo Charcoal can absorb minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances from your skin, leaving you with stronger, healthier skin.

Size : 5×4×1.5cm30
Daun sirih / Herbal fresh
Organic Herb
Herbal fresh

The scent from mixture of hibiscus flower and lemon grass will bliss you up. Hibiscus is rich in citric acid which helps recovering from fatigue, also in vitamin C for your vital skin. The scent from lemon grass refreshes your feeling and promotes your digestion.

Ingredients: Coconut oil Water Palm oil Sodium hydroxide, Oleic acid Coconut extract kaolin(Pink clay) Dry hibiscus& Organic Herb

Daun sirih

Daun sirih, or piper betle leaf, has antibacterial effect. It is also used for caring women’s delicate pars in Indonesian folk medicines. The leaves have very unique smell, and the extract from these leaves is used as sterilizer and medicine for respiratory inflammations.


  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Palm Oil Coconut Oil Water Sodium Hydroxide, Oleic Acid Coconut Extract Dry Daun Sirih Extract, Eucalyptus Oil Lavender Oil Lemon Oil


    Usage Note/Caution:
    For bathing only
    Can be used for face. If get into the eyes, rinse away with clean water immediately.
    If your skin shows any trouble, stop using the soap and consult a doctor.
    Store in cool and dry place
    Keep away from reach of children
    These soaps are hand-made and, it may cause slight shape difference.
    Label design may be changed

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