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Hair Oil Lavender 100ml

Hair Oil Lavender 100ml


Virgin coconut oil has been used in hair products for years, thanks to its ability to nourish and protect the scalp and hair follicles. It penetrates hair shafts to lock in hydration and protects against damage that comes from heat styling and coloring products. Coconut oil also locks in moisture to prevent dryness that can lead to dandruff and itchy scalp. The addition of lavender essential oil provides a natural healing balm thanks to soothing properties that restore and heal the scalp and hair.  
You can use this product after shampooing, just add a drop to your hands and gently massage into your hair. You can also use this as a hair mask, leave in for a few hours or overnight then rinse thoroughly.
Coconut oil base nourishes scalp and hair.
Protects against heat and styling products.
Lavender oil gives a relaxing effect.