Fragrance Paper Sachet

Fragrance Paper Sachet

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Description : Sachet Fragrance

Sachet is another way to enjoy fragrances, soaked in cardboard and matured.
In this way you can put the fragrance easily anywhere in your house; entrance, rest room, closet, bedroom and so on.


Size : 1pcs Item : 27 fragrances

How to Use :
1. Open outer package (plastic bag). 

2. Open the inner package (paper envelope), too.

Do not open the smaller envelope inside. Just put this envelope wherever you want to enjoy the fragrance.




  • Ingredients

    Ethyl Alcohol Perfume


    ● Just put the sachet wherever you want to enjoy the fragrance such as entrance, rest room, closet and bedroom.
    ● Fragrance may last for 1 to 1.5 months. The duration and strength of sachet depend on fragrance used and circumstances


    Safekeeping :
    ■ Keep away from fire

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