Essential Oil Lemongrass 10ml

Essential Oil Lemongrass 10ml


Lemongrass: Is a plant that grows in warm tropical regions and is harvested for its use in Asian medicine and cuisine. Its fresh clean scent makes it the perfect room deodorizer, and its antimicrobial properties make it ideal for use in a home crafted all-purpose cleaner. The detoxifying properties of lemongrass are wonderful for the skin to cleanse and clear, even out skin tone, strengthen tissues, and reduce pore size. Its soothing properties keep hair and scalp healthy by fighting hair-loss and irritation. Eases headache and muscle pain.
• Clean lemon scent with earthy tones.
• Eases muscles aches and pains.
• Natural insect repellent.

Tumeric: Essential oil is a miracle oil with numerous benefits. Many benefits of this miracle oil include:
-Helps the body detoxs
-Helps aids digestion
-Prevents hair loss
-Boosts immune system
-Improves blood circulation
-Acne prevention

Mint: One of the oldest European herbs used in medicine, mint oil is synonymous with assisting in digestive health. There’s more to this fresh minty oil, however, as its versatility ranges from headache helper to mood booster.

Mint oil can assist with colds and allergies by clearing the sinuses and alleviating congestion. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe headache pain, nausea, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  As a topical, mint oil can alleviate muscle and joint pain, reduce swelling, and relieve itchiness from bug bites and rashes.

  • Fresh aroma that increases energy levels
  • Reduces nausea and digestive discomfort
  • Cool and soothing
  • Antiseptic for wounds
  • Gives relief from asthma or respiratory problems
  • Promotes good blood circulation

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