Bubble Bath 20ml

Bubble Bath 20ml


Stretch and relax your body in rich foam. You may feel like a movie heroine…
How to Make Bubble Bath:
1. Put the product before filling up the bath tub (20g jelly cup for standard size bath tub).
2. Put the product just underneath the water tap.
3. Gush the water onto the product.
4. When the tub is filled, spread the bubble all over using shower head.
5. If your bath tub with gas boiler, make the bubble with shower head. By changing the height of shower head, you can make rich bubble, too. Tip: Adding bath salt to the water make the bubble long last.

Effects of Bubble Bath
1. Makes you relax. Luxury and happy feeling helps releasing the mental stress.
2. Using bubble bath with aroma oil is one of the very effective aromatherapy methods, because the aroma stays long and close to your nostril.
3. The texture and feeling of bubble helps your nerve calming down.
4. Bubble on the surface keeps the bath water warm.
5. Take your time in the bath to stimulate the body perspiration and warm up the body.
6. Half-body bathing is also recommended to multiply the effect.

Size : 20g jelly cup  Item : Milk Berry Bergamot Mango Elegant lavender

ingredient : Waterpolyquatenium 7Cocamido DEABetainPGEDTA-4NaPerfumecolorMethyl parabenButhyl paraben


    Usage Note :
    Rinse well the bath tub after use, especially the metal parts.
    If your skin shows any trouble, stop using the product and consult a doctor.
    Do not eat the product, For bathing only,  Do not use the water after use for any other purpose such as laundry.
    Store in cool and dry place.  Keep away from reach of children
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