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Body Mist 200ml

Body Mist 200ml


Body Mist is the moisturize lotion for whole body.

Spray onto your skin after bath, and the scent of Body Mist makes you relax.

It will also make your skin supple on the next day.

If you like lighter than milk lotions and body creams, this is the one.


How to Use:

Spray on your whole body and spread with your palm so that the lotion is absorbed to the skin.

For sensitive parts such as around eyes, spray on your palm first and spread by hands.

  • Ingredients


    Water Ethyl alcohol Polysorbate  80/PEG40Hydrogenated Castol Oil Glycerine Aloe Extract  Citric Acid Xanthan Gum  Perfume Methyl Paraben



    Keep away from fire.

    If your skin shows any trouble, stop using product and consult a doctor.

    Not suitable with those who has alcohol allergy. Also, do not apply when your skin has trouble such as eczema and injury.

    If your skin shows any trouble during or after use, stop using the product and consult dermatology doctor.

    If the product get into eyes, rinse away with clean water immediately.

    Keep away of reach of children.


    Store in cool and dry place avoiding direct sunlight

  • Returns Policy

    No returns on shipped goods as all are quality checked before despatch. Any disputes dealt with on case by case basis

  • Shipping Info

    Can be despatched with Go-Jek or JNE or come to our store for collection. Let us know and we can advise weight and cost of shipping. thank you

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